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Things you should know

What does a tattoo cost? Let's try to explain!

Hva koster en tatovering

Our goal is to provide everyone with a memory they'll be happy with for life! But how much does it actually cost to get inked? Keep scrolling, and we'll try to give you a good explanation of how we handle pricing here with us!

Vi hjelper deg med tatovering i oslo

Our pricing structure provides you with options that suit your budget and your tattooing dreams.

Our prices start from 1500 NOK for basic tattoos. This includes the setup fee and hourly rate for the simplest tattoos we perform. Common examples of such tattoos are usually dates, names, simple fine-line tattoos, or small symbols. Here, you can tattoo as much as you want within an hour. If your session lasts one and a half hours, the calculation would be: 1500,- + 750,- = 2250,- NOK.

You pay for the time the tattoo artist spends. Simple as that.

If you're looking for something truly unique, we also offer services performed by our highly respected tattoo expert, Electric Linda, at an hourly rate of 3000 NOK. Linda has achieved international recognition thanks to her unique talent, hardworking nature, and presence on social media. Over the years, she has tattooed in renowned studios, participated in world-famous conventions, and made a name for herself on social media.

Whatever your budget allows, you can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality tattoo that you will be absolutely delighted with from us. Explore our amazing artists and let us help you create your dream tattoo!

Mac Miller

Get a Simple and Non-binding Price Estimate

Would you like to get a price estimate for your dream tattoo? The easiest way to do so is by filling out our non-binding booking form. There, you can share your photos, ideas, and tattoo style preferences, and we will quickly provide you with an estimated price based on your desires. We strive to make the entire process simple and transparent so that you can get the tattoo you've been dreaming of at a price that suits your budget.

Whether you're dreaming of a fine-line tattoo, realism tattoo, or cover-up, we'll help you realize your desires in the near future.