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Aftercare - What do you do when you get home after a tattoo session?

Aftercare - What do you do when you get home after a tattoo session?

Etterbehandling tatovering oslo

Now that you've just gotten a new tattoo, it's incredibly important to take good care of it. It's not permanent until it's fully healed.

Right now, your tattoo is an open wound that will naturally bleed and ooze for a few days. Aftercare is about ensuring that your skin can heal as well as possible.
Second skin etterbehandling tatovering

Keep the protective film on for 3-5 days

Proper aftercare of your tattoo is one of the most important things you can do to preserve the artwork's vibrancy!

Here at Masterpiece, we usually use 'Second Skin' on fresh tattoos. Second Skin is a thin layer of plastic that can be left on for 3-5 days. Don't worry if you see blood, fluid, or ink collecting in a small bubble under the plastic. It's completely normal! Many people think it's a good idea to puncture the plastic to drain the fluid, but it's not! If the plastic punctures and bacteria can enter, it's best to remove it and follow the aftercare routine provided by your tattoo artist."

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Removal of the plastic film

When removing the "second skin," make sure you are in a clean area. As you peel off the plastic, try to pull and stretch it like chewing gum - it will become elastic and will automatically lift off the skin. Don't worry if it seems like parts of the tattoo are coming off with the plastic - it's just some extra ink and 100% normal. Remove regular plastic film as usual.

Cleaning and moisturizing

Once you have removed the plastic:

- Always wash your hands before cleaning and moisturizing the tattoo.
- Rinse the tattoo with warm water to remove excess ink and blood.
- Clean the tattoo with cleansing soap.
- Rinse the tattoo thoroughly afterward to remove any soap residue.
- Let it air dry or gently pat it with lint-free paper (no towels).
- Apply a small amount of cream and spread a thin layer, gently massaging it over the tattoo, then allow it to air dry.

Repeat for 2 weeks

Repeat the aftercare process of washing and moisturizing 2-4 times daily during the first week, then 1-2 times a day the following week, and finally apply cream only when the tattoo feels dry.

Remember that the time it takes for a tattoo to fully heal varies from person to person. This can range from two weeks to a couple of months. And if you want to maintain the vibrancy of the tattoo for as long as possible, it actually pays off to moisturize it every single day.

Gyldne regler tatovering oslo

We recommend:

TattooMed cleansing gel (Soap)
TattooMed After Tattoo (Cream)
You can purchase these and more TattooMed products from us at the studio

Cleansing gel og after tattoo

Golden Rules!

It's important to us that our artworks are well taken care of and heal as effectively as possible, so please keep the following golden rules in mind during the healing process:

- Avoid deodorant, perfume, or similar products near the tattoo while it's healing.
- Refrain from exercising and heavy physical work for at least a week.
- Do not use towels, sponges, or cloths directly on the fresh tattoo.
- Stay away from direct sunlight and avoid tanning beds for 4-6 weeks.
- Avoid swimming, regardless of the water type, but shower as usual.
- Never scratch or pick at the tattoo while it's healing.
- If you have pets or small children, please protect the tattoo from any bacteria as much as possible.
- Dress according to the needs of the tattoo and avoid letting seams or tight clothing rub on the tattoo, especially during the -healing process.
- We always recommend sunscreen when exposing yourself to the sun in the future, and consider applying an extra layer to the tattoo as it may fade and colors can weaken over time with sun exposure.